Iggy Pop / Matt Helders

Matt Helders has recorded drums for the new Iggy Pop record, ‘Post Pop Depression’ released on 18th March 2016.

Matt will also be performing in the live set-up which makes its television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight(21st Jan 2016).


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19.04.16 4:27 pm



15.04.16 12:46 pm

come to Merced,ca


09.04.16 12:41 am

I've been waiting to have the opportunity to being in your concert, but I still waiting :( please comes to Peru, lots of people are waiting the same!

04.04.16 1:46 pm

Where are youuuu ?? I'm an Italian fan pls come to Italy I'll be hostin the "caput mundi"!! PLEASE come back to blow up my head with your sensational music !! For me You are the Beatles of our days!!! i love you!!!

04.04.16 10:08 am

Stop posting about other musicians and get back on tour please! Back to Reading if possible ;) x


03.04.16 9:08 am

When are you going on a tour? I've been a fan for 4 years, and I missed your concert last time you were in Denmark. Please come to Denmark again soon. xx


02.03.16 3:24 pm

how long will it be for the next tour I've been waiting for one inTN WHEN.


24.01.16 5:20 am

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